Why we need you 

The My Bag Center, with the help of many others like yourself is able to provide unfortunate people with a new bag and new hope through its innovative “My Bag” program. For every $6.13 we are able to provide a person in need in Jackson Tennessee a "My Bag". 




Imagine the trauma of being  separated from all you know – parents, possessions and home – and not having anything to cling to for comfort. Sadly, each year, hundreds people here in Jackson, Tennessee  must be rescued from severe abuse, neglect or abandonment. Traumatized and facing an uncertain future, they frequently enter foster care, crisis shelters, domestic violence and homeless shelters with their belongings in a Trash bags and Walmart sacks.That’s where we come in. To give a little piece of comfort and a sense of ownership to children and their families that have to leave their home.


MY Bag


One of the worst things for youth is having to move their belongings from home to home in garbage bags or plastic grocery sacks.  It is embarrassing, demeaning, and yet another reminder of how little they have in this world.

Help us help these children keep a sense of self worth.